You send orders in shipping packages?

Tired of spending money on new packaging that is only used once?

You want a more sustainable business and save costs in the same time?

We offer you a simple, free and and environmentally friendly solution for your online shop!

The plug-in for your shop system is installed in a second and can be adapted to your needs. Afterwards, your customers can select in the order process with just one click whether they would like to receive their purchase in a reused shipping package. The download and tips on how to get to packaging that has already been used, can be found at You can also contact us there with any questions.

Download plug-in
and install

Your customer decides to ship in packaging that is already in use

You send the order in reused packaging, if available.

Good reason to be excited! Together you have saved about 123 litres of water, 156g of CO2 and several chemicals.

Your advantages

  • You save costs and do something for the environment at the same time!
  • Your customers can decide for themselves!
  • Advertise directly on your website with the savings that you have achieved together with your customers. The corresponding tools are already included.

Who’s behind WeRePack?

We are people who volunteer to create and change for a positive impact. For packaging, we stand for #reuse instead of #recycle. That’s why we develop simple solutions that help others to reuse. Together, the growing community reduces unnecessary waste and saves significant resources.

Be part of the community!

You can optionally choose to share your shop’s savings with us weekly, transparently and automatically. This way, we can measure the impact of the initiative and encourage other retailers to join.
As part of the community, your shop will be listed on our website and promoted by us. We make visible how many resources have been saved by you and your customers.

This is how you can support us:

  • Join in! Offer shipping with reused packaging. Install the plug-in and make a difference, right now!
  • Tell others about the initiative. Over and over again.
  • Get involved! Become part of the team! We look forward to hearing from you.