You are a conscious shopper who would like to make a positive environmental impact while still enjoying the benefits of online shopping? 

WeRePack allows you to easily select the option of a reused package for your shipment directly within the ordering system of the online retailer of your choice. Of course, the packaging selected for reuse is in very good condition, and can make sure that your delivery reaches you safely. You are actively contributing to reducing packaging waste and promoting the sustainability concept of reuse. 

Participating online shops

Check out which online shops are already part of the WeRePack initiative. Your favourite shop is not here yet? Please send us suggestions so that we can actively approach more shops!

Where to put my packaging

You can give your own received packaging materials back into circulation. Some post offices have a place where customers can leave their boxes for others to reuse, or you can approach stores near you to see if they have a need. Admittedly, this takes some effort. That’s why we are working on ways how you can easily and quickly give your packaging to another cycle. If you’d like to help us with this, please get in touch.

How to open a package the smart way

If you want to put a self-preserved package back into circulation and first store it in a space-saving way, follow these steps:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Control yourself not to angrily start ripping the 10 layers of tape away 
  3. Use a kitchen knife or cutter
  4. Open the box with a clean cut through the tape. Be careful not to cut the package (or your fingers). 
  5. Done 🙂
  6. Maybe a shop in your neighbourhood can reuse your package for their next shipment?